Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Luke’s Hectic year

2019 will see Luke Hill facing the daunting task of taking on 2 classes. The first of those 2 classes will see Luke trying to defend his championship in the Micro Rok class. Which will in itself be a difficult task with other competitors becoming faster and the possibility of new challengers coming to the forefront to challenge for the crown. The second class will be Mini Rok which in all likelihood will be a learning year for young Luke who at the tender age of 8 will be going up against drivers who are vastly more experienced. Most of his fellow competitors in Mini Rok have 2 to 3 years experience in Mini Rok behind them. But Luke will without a doubt be in contention for the under 10 category of Mini Rok. Luke will once again have the extensive experience of K2 Motorsport behind him handling the task of maintaining and setting up his karts. His sponsors will again be taken care of by Praga South Africa and Steelform. Luke’s first race will be on the 19th of January. We hope to see you all on the 19th to come and cheer Luke on and to watch what will without doubt be exciting and close racing.

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