Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Josh’s exciting year ahead

Young Josh Le Roux has a very exciting and busy karting schedule ahead of him. He will be competing in the highly competitive OKJ class or also known as MSA Academy. Highly competitive for the close nature of the class. At most of the races last year the whole field was within 2 seconds of each other from the leader to the competitor at the back of the field. So close in fact that if the leader made a mistake he would find himself at the back of the field. Josh has been hard at work getting to grips with the class and his new kart. Having only raced in OKJ twice last year it has been a steep learning curve for Josh. Also only getting his new kart late last year he has had to adapt very fast. Josh is in high spirits for the season and will be going flat out to take race and overall victories. This task will be made easier with the help of his team RKT or also known as Roos Karting Team. RKT has without a shadow of a doubt the most experience behind their name. But it gets even more exciting for Josh as he will be taking part in some international races in Europe later on in the year. The international races will without doubt only help Josh become a more accomplished racer. We are super excited to see how this young man develops into the champion we believe he will be. If all goes well we should see him race this coming weekend the 19th of January at Zwartkops for the first club race of the season. Photos used for the article are from last year new photos to follow soon.

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