Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Josh’s 1st Test

This coming weekend will see Josh face his first proper challenge in his 2019 racing season. It is the first Rok Cup Regional for the year at Vereeniging Raceway. Josh has been working hard putting in numerous laps in his quest to become the champion in OKJ or also known as MSA Academy for 2019. He knows that this will not be a easy task as the field is extremely close in times and any one of his competitors is capable of running at the front. In fact the races are normally so close that making a mistake can take you from leading to the back of the field. But Josh believes that he can take the overall victory for the day. He has full confidence that he has the tools to do this thanks to his team RKT who take extra care in everything they do. Josh and Simon his mechanic have been working on getting the setup on his kart just right. With that said Josh wants all his supporters to please come and cheer him on this weekend. It promises to be an exciting race day this Saturday 23 February.

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