Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Luke’s 1st Regional for 2019

This Saturday 23 February sees Luke take on the daunting task of not 1 but 2 classes. Luke will be competing in Kid Rok as the defending champion as well as the hyper competitive Mini Rok class. In the Kid Rok class Luke will start out as the man to beat due to his almost flawless record in last years regional championship. The Kid Rok class will see a whole host of new drivers looking to challenge Luke but they will have to work extremely hard to beat Luke as there is not a single competitor who works harder than Luke. Luke spends countless hours putting in lap after lap of practice in his quest for perfection. Mini Rok on the other hard will see Luke taking on fellow racers who are between 3 to 5 years older than himself but this will not deter Luke from wanting to beat them. Which will be a tall order but to be realistic Luke will most likely be aiming for a top 5 finish. But there is hope for Luke in the Mini Rok class as there is u under 10 class that runs hand in hand with the older kids. This is what Luke has set his goal on to be the Mini Rok under 10 champion. Luke has the trust that he has the right team and sponsors behind him to make his dreams a reality. With regards to the preparation and maintenance of his Praga SA kart that is as always taken care of by K2 Motorsport with countless years of knowledge behind their name. As for Luke’s sponsors that is taken care of by Praga SA and Steelform. Then there is his biggest supporter who is always there cheering him on. His sister Taylor. Then of course his parents who are 1million percent behind Luke whether he wins or loses they are always proud of their 8 year old Champion. Luke hopes to see you all this weekend to come and watch him try to win and cheer him on. So with that said come one come all to Vereeniging Raceway for what will without doubt be a great days racing.

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