Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Josh’s Day of Utter Frustration

Josh arrived at the track full of confidence that this was going to be his day. Practice went fairly well with Josh putting up the 8th fastest time. Which was not a bad position as they went out with a rear left tire which was not in the best condition which didn’t matter as Josh just wanted to feel if everything felt good for qualifying. He came in after the practice session happy with how the kart was handling. Qualifying was very tight as was to be expected with Josh managing to put his kart 6th on the grid for the first race but was only .227 of a second off the pole time set by Jarrod Waberski. After qualifying everyone knew this was going to be ultra close and super competitive racing. Josh started the first race fairly cautiously not pushing at the start which served him well as the top 3 took each other out in a decedent which left Josh in second which soon after that he started to push and was rewarded by taking the leading. From there on he drove away from the field to take a commanding victory. Unfortunately this was a short lived moment of glory as Josh was found to be underweight when he went over the scale at the end of the race. The most likely explanation for this is the 2 false starts at the start of the race which the team had not counted on. So this meant that Josh was disqualified from race 1 and to make matters worse had to then start race 2 from the back of the field. Race 2 was a total disaster as Josh’s chain jumped off on the first corner on the very first lap meaning he would again score no points and start race 3 at the very back. Josh was now very understandably frustrated but being the ultra competitive racer he is was now determined to show everyone what he can do in race 3. Josh was in such a fired up mood that he jumped from 15th on the grid right up to 8th at the end of lap 1. He continued to drive as hard as he could and maneged to make it up to 6th at the end of the race. It was without a shadow of a doubt the best comeback drive he has ever had and has shown his fellow competitors that he will be a contender for the top spot if everything runs they way it should. Josh as a result of the 2 first races unfortunately ended the day in last place but the positive he takes away from the race weekend is that he has the pace to be a front runner and that he can recover from this bad start by having those 2 races count as his throwaway points. Next up for Josh will be the Rok National also at Vereeniging Raceway in 3 weeks time. In closing Josh would like to thank everyone who was there to support him and those who were not there but supporting him in spirit. Then also his team RKT who will now work on insuring the same will never happen again. Until the next event be safe and take care.

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