Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Luke’s tough day

Luke arrived at the track knowing that this was going to be the most challenging race day he has ever had. Taking on 2 classes on the same day. First we look at how his day went in Kid Rok. As the reigning champion Luke had all the pressure firmly on him to be the fastest in the Kid Rok class. Luke had been struggling for pace the whole of Friday and this was no different in qualifying only managing to put his Praga SA Steelform backed kart 2nd on the grid. You probably thinking that isn’t so bad until you see the difference between Luke in 2nd and Aadam Kajee who took pole a full .7 of a second ahead of Luke. Race 1 started well for Luke managing to get the jump on Aadam at the start but it just wasn’t enough as Aadam just had too much pace for Luke to handle when Luke lost the lead he had to settle for 2nd as Aadam powered away to take a commanding win. Race 2 and 3 was much the same as race 1 with Luke having to settle for 2nd again in so doing giving Luke second for the day. The K2 Motorsport will be giving it maximum effort to find the pace that Luke needs to defend his title.

And now we take a look at how Luke did in Mini Rok. Luke was under no illusion that Mini Rok was going to be extremely difficult as he went up against drivers 3 to 4 years older than himself. Luke had a frustrating time in qualifying not being able to put in a clean lap due to always hitting traffic at the wrong time or having to give way to faster drivers. As such this put him 13th on the grid for race 1 but his grid position wasn’t a fair reflection of his pace as he was only .8 of a second off the pole time set by the highly experienced Nikolas Roos. Race 1 saw Luke trying to make up positions but due to the fact that Luke wasn’t willing to make do or die moves and also having to look after his kart when his airbox came loose affecting the performance of his kart. He had to settle for 13th but gaining valuable experience in the proses. Race 2 saw Luke again taking 13th. He drove a good race but just wasn’t able to make up and positions. Race 3 was another 13th position across the line. Not the result Luke was hoping for as his aim for the weekend was to be in the top 10 but then again this was his first Mini Rok race at regional level. He did well never giving up at any stage and pushing every step of the way. Luke finished in 12th position overall for the day but managed to win the under 10 category for the day which was his goal for Mini Rok. Now it is a 3 week wait for Luke until the national at Vereeniging Raceway. Luke will be working hard in those 3 weeks along with his team K2 Motorsport to find the pace they are lacking. It will be only a matter of time before they find that bit of magic to put Luke back up at the front of Kid Rok. Luke in closing would like to say a big thanks to everyone who support him. Until the next race be safe and take care.

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