Fri. Aug 6th, 2021

Josh’s Day of Disappointment

Josh arrived at the Vereeniging Rok Cup National highly charged up. the practice session was the first indication that Josh had work to do. Clocking the 10th fastest time in the morning session but only 0.6 of a second slower than the fastest time. Qualifying was a slight improvement seeing Josh putting his kart 8th on the grid for the opening race. Race 1 was a total disaster as Josh got punted off the track on lap 2 by a fellow competitor. This also meant that he had to start from the back of the grid for race 2. Race 2 was a very difficult race for Josh as the race had to be red flagged when there was a first lap pile up into the first corner seeing his teammate and close friend Ruan Putter flipping his kart and ending up stuck beneath his kart and the tyre barrier. Josh and another driver rushed to help Ruan. Showing just what a class act he is. The race was restarted with it being clear that Josh had been rattled by the incident and crossed the line in 10th. Race 3 wasn’t any better with Josh still upset about his close friend who had unfortunately broken his arm. Trying his best clearly still upset and also fighting a ill handling kart Josh took another 10th position for race 3. This left Josh in 10th overall for the day. Not the kind of birthday he was hoping for. Josh is now taking on his next challenge in Italy this weekend. We wish him everything of the best and would like to let him know the whole South African karting community is behind him all the way. Go show them what you are made of champ.

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