Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

End of season

This Saturday 9 November will see the end of the racing season for Josh. The last Rok Cup race of the season takes place at Vereeniging Karting Raceway. Josh will be taking to the track with only one thing in mind. That is to just have fun no pressure no goal of winning. No just go out there and enjoy the last race of the season. Josh has had a very busy season and has done really well both locally and internationally. This race meeting is all about just pure enjoyment and drive for the pure pleasure of driving. Josh would like to thank his mechanic Zane for all his hard work and dedication this year. He could not have done it without you. Also to RKT for everything they have done both locally and in Europe. It has been a spectacular year. One that Josh has grown as a driver in a huge way. Having finished in the top 10% of the Rok Cup World Finals is a extremely impressive achievement. We hope to see you all at Vereeniging this coming weekend to celebrate a phenomenal year for the champion in our hearts.

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